Photo: Moraea aristata in its habitat at the South African Astronomical Observatory. Photo: Geert Sprangers.
will be held in the Meadowridge Library on Monday 26 February 2018 at 7.30 pm
 After the brief business part of the evening, ALEX LANSDOWNE, Restoration Horticulture Conservationist, will be giving a talk on the Rondebosch Common Restoration Project and the introduction of Moraea aristata to the Common.
We hope to see you. Refreshments will be served and secure parking provided.
For more information, please contact Roger Graham at 021 7159206. To find us, click here.
There are many conservation stories of species only just holding on against extinction. Moraea aristata stands out. This critically endangered, enigmatic irid has persisted on the grounds of the SA Astronomical Observatory for decades. Rondebosch Common, a sister conservation area to Meadowridge Common, is the only natural habitat left within its range.
Together with the Friends of Rondebosch Common, Alex Lansdowne managed the introduction of the Peacock Moraea (Moraea aristata) to Rondebosch Common which shares a similar veld type (Cape Flats Sand Fynbos) to Meadowridge Common. (To read more about the Rondebosch Common Restoration Project, click here.)
The talk will focus on establishing a new population of Moraea aristata, and the ambitions of the Rondebosch Common Restoration Project.

The Friends of Meadowridge Common host wildflower walks on the Common, clean-ups and several talks during the year - all of which will be advertised on this webpage and on their Facebook page.

To book a private walk, please phone Fiona Watson at 021 712 0696.

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