About Meadowridge Common

Meadowridge Common is a very small (7.9 ha) but valuable remnant of the original Bergvliet Farm (343 ha) that contains as many as 137 different flowering plant species of Cape Flats Sand Fynbos - four of which are endangered. Bergvliet Farm contained 545 species collected by Dr Purcell (1914-1919) and housed in SANBI’s Compton Herbarium.

White Botterblom (Sparaxis bulbifera) on Meadowridge Common. Photo: Fiona Watson.

Meadowridge Common is managed by the City of Cape Town, together with the Friends of Meadowridge Common. They keep the area clean, maintain paths, remove aliens and keep detailed botanical records of all the plant species present. Floral displays are at their best in spring (September, October) when guided walks are conducted. Insects, amphibians and birds can also be observed. (Fiona Watson, has written two articles in Veld & Flora. To read them, click here for her 2001 article and here to read her 2007 article.

Cape Flats Sand Fynbos has characteristic fynbos families such as proteas, ericas, restios (reeds), buchus, daisies and geophytes (bulbs). It is mainly short-to-medium height shrubs interspersed with restios.
Kaneelbol or Broad-leaved Stork's Bill (Pelargonium triste).

To see a list of birds that occur on Meadowridge Common, click here.

Helmeted Guineafowl