Rough Blue Sage

Rough Blue Sage, Bloublomsalie, Salvia chamelaeagnea LAMIACEAE (the mint and sage family)

This pretty plant is flowering on the Common now. It differs from the other blue Wild Sage or Bloublomsalie, Salvia africana-caerulea, in that its calyx does not enlarge in the fruiting stage. It flowers from November to April.

Tips for growing the Rough Blue Sage
Liesl van der Walt of Kirstenbosch says, "The blue Salvia chamelaeagnea looks beautiful when flowering with blue agapanthus. The white form looks lovely mixed with other green foliage plants, giving the garden a fresh and cool look during the midsummer heat. Plants can be maintained in the garden for several years, but need to be cut back after flowering to keep them tidy and vigorous." (See Plantzafrica.)